Our Beginning


All great stories have a beginning. All of Us Matter started in 2016, but its roots have been in my heart for much longer than that. At an early age God started giving me eyes to see the hurt and pain in our fragile world. It was then that he birthed in me a vision to love the least of these. I didn't realize it at the time, but that vision would eventually grow into All of Us Matter.

Matthew and I have been married for ten years and have three beautiful and strong children. My handsome and always encouraging husband is the back-bone of this tribe and my rock.

We live in Tampa, Florida and our favorite past-times as a family are wresting on the floor and telling knock-knock jokes.


I have spent the last decade fighting human trafficking through grass-roots organizations, freedom walks, ministries, and years of academic study. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in International Relations and continue to be a champion for the voiceless.

One thing I strongly believe is that we all have power in our voices. When we speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves we can start a movement. We can build a passionate and powerful tribe that can shake the foundations of modern-day slavery, and we can do it right from our coffee tables.

This is why All of Us Matter uses art and coffee cups to fight human trafficking; it inspires people to have these important conversations with their friends and family around open tables. It is my hope that you join us on this journey to end modern-day slavery because you matter immensely. Get connected and be a voice to the voiceless.