Behind the Cup

Gandhi Fair Trade Coffee Cup

All of Us Matter started with art and an idea. We believed that by placing inspirational artwork on a coffee cup—something we interact with everyday—we could reach people in their homes and around their tables. This is the very place where we all enjoy fellowship with friends and discuss the things that matter to us. What better place to change the world?

Since then we have grown into a movement that empowers everyday women to make a difference in the fight against human trafficking.

Our fair trade coffee cups are hand painted on ceramic stoneware and made by artisans in Tunisia, Africa. This community was ravaged by the Arab Spring and suffers from extreme poverty. We partnered with Le Souk Ceramique to create our exclusive line of cups and provide living wages to these artisans. Not only does this provide them with a dignified job and a means of taking care of their families, it also breaks a cycle of vulnerability and exploitation.

As a social business we exists to fight slavery and 25% of our profits are reinvested into this cause.


We’ve launched our Buy a Cup, Give a Cup campaign, which means that for every Abolition Line cup sold, we purchase a cha cup for a community center in Kolkata, India that helps rehabilitate women coming out of the sex trade. 

This is a powerful way to connect our global sisterhood. As you gather with friends to enjoy your morning cup of coffee, you will know that women on the other side of the world are also gathering over a warm cup of cha and experiencing a supportive community where they can have fun, discover hope, and move forward towards freedom.

Learn more about our partner organizations:


The Cup - Freeset
Thousands of women in Kolkata’s largest red light area are trapped in the sex trade by reason of poverty or trafficking. Daily they are used, discarded and are unwanted until the next customer arrives. The Cup community center seeks to offer these women a place where they can experience supportive community, have fun, discover hope and move towards freedom. Operating in a ‘cafe style’, and as a project of the Freeset Trust, The Cup reaches towards the transformation of lives and community. Profits from All of Us Matter's fair trade coffee cups help support The Cup and its work.


Freeset Bags & Apparel
Freeset exists for the many women who have never had the choice to be free. They care about the thousands in West Bengal, India who are vulnerable to sex trafficking. These women don’t get to choose their occupation, and Freeset wants to change that. Freeset makes bags, tees, and hand-woven fabrics, and love that they are part of India’s long tradition of cotton and jute production.  In 2016, Freeset was awarded Fair Trade Guaranteed status by the World Fair Trade Organization which recognizes their longstanding commitment to fair trade principles.


Le Souk Ceramique
Le Souk is an American-Tunisian company, started in 1997, with the simple goal of maintaining the tradition of hand-made and hand-painted ceramics, while also adhering to the principles of providing a living wage with exceptional working conditions. Committed to fair trade principles, Le Souk is in the process of being awarded Fair Trade Guaranteed status by the World Fair Trade Organization.



Are you an artist? Do you want to make a difference in the fight against human trafficking? We would love to collaborate with you!