Whats in a Name? The Inside Scoop on All of Us Matter

By Matt Russell

Anyone with children knows just how much thought and consideration goes into choosing a name. We usually mull a few names over for months, going back and forth, until finally the child arrives and we have to decide.


We want the name to carry meaning and make a good first impression, but we also want it to “fit” the one who has to live with it for the rest of their life.

I remember when my daughter Alexa was born, we had a different name chosen for her up until the moment she arrived, but when we finally saw her, we knew. There was no other name to describe her except Alexa. It simply fit her.

Choosing a name for our social business was no different—except we didn’t have nine months to mull it over. 

We chose All of Us Matter for our social business and, just like with my daughter Alexa, we knew it was right. It carries so much meaning for us, serving as a constant reminder that people matter. That is both the people we interact with in our daily lives and those halfway across the world suffering from oppression.

If It Were Only That Easy

The name was right, but we had a problem. We chose this name when Black Lives Matter and a counter movement All Lives Matter were front page on every news station and twitter feed. Our name, that carried so much meaning for us, closely resembled All Lives Matter. 

This placed us squarely in a dilemma because our name could easily be confused with this ongoing controversy. This had potential to cause confusion in our messaging and muddle our branding. But, like when a newborn arrives, the time to mull it over was done and we had to decide.

Staying True

We stayed true to who we are and didn’t waiver to the constant noise of the world. We named our organization All of Us Matter. We decided that controversies come and go, but our message was timeless. People matter, all of us matter.

Now we carry out this message by equipping people with practical ways to fight modern-day slavery.


There are two primary ways we do this:

  1. We sell ethically sourced products that people interact with in their daily lives and 

  2. We educate people through in-home gatherings that combine lighthearted fun with serious action.

Our Model

We are a social business which means we reinvest the profits we make back into this social cause. Our model is freedom, funds, and conversations.

  • Freedom. We promote freedom by sourcing our products from organizations that work directly with survivors or vulnerable communities; this provides these people with the means to build a life after slavery and break the cycle of exploitation for the next generation.

  • Funds. We exists to fight slavery. That is why 100% of the profit we make is either reinvested back into our social business to increase its impact or donated to organzations that are directly involved in the rescue, rehabilitation, or restoration of victims.

  • Conversations. We believe the best way to raise awareness about human trafficking is to equip and empower people to have conversations in their homes and around their tables. The more conversations we have, the more people are uplifted with practical ways to fight this injustice and the more pressure our collective voice can place on government and corporate enterprises to implement policies that promote freedom.

We hope you enjoyed the inside scoop on how our name came to be. Connect with us on here or social media and keep being a voice for the voiceless.

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Matthew Russell