A Global Mom’s Manifesto

Photo Credit: Emma Burcuse

Photo Credit: Emma Burcuse

Hi, again! I’m so happy to be back at All of Us Matter again talking about global families and raising citizens of the world! If you read my last couple of posts then you know I’m passionate about raising global kids because I believe open hearts, eyes, minds, and hands that love, see, respect, and act will make this a better worldly community for everyone.

In this post, I want to shift from talking about raising kids with a global mindset to talking about the moms who are raising those kids. From my experience, this is the most important piece to the puzzle of raising global citizens – seeing yourself as a global mom. 

For some, this might seem like a strange idea – possibly even fraudulent. For example, you might find it a little far-fetched to see yourself as a global mom if you’ve never left the country (except for that one spring break trip). If you’ve birthed little mini versions of yourself and don’t even fully know your own heritage nor have a strong tie to your cultural roots – you may think calling yourself a global mom is even absurd. Don’t despair just yet, though. Identifying as a global mom is more of a mindset than a literal proclamation. In my opinion, if you’re a mom who sees the world as a whole, the people in it as one, and are raising your children with the same ideals, then you’re a global mom. (Bonus points if you love sushi, chicken tikka masala, fattoush, pupusas, or other amazing cultural cuisine!)

I’d love to say being kind and sharing love is enough to make this world a better place and that’s all we need to model for our children, but the reality that presents itself says we have a bit more work to do than that. I’ve asked myself some pretty tough questions to help me get clear with what it means for me to be a global mom. From that, I created this… 

Photo Credit: Emma Burcuse

Photo Credit: Emma Burcuse

A Global Mom’s Manifesto:

  • Value and foster diverse communities

  • Seek traditional and untraditional education and sources of information

  • Acknowledge your own biases and prejudices

  • Recognize that you don’t know what it’s like to be from another social group

  • Join forces with globally-minded people in order to continue to grow

  • Respectfully and lawfully question social norms

  • Have a strong voice

  • Trust and act on what you know is right

  • Celebrate diversity and cultural differences

  • Have mutual respect for all, even outside of hierarchical order

  • Equity, diversity, and inclusion are more than just buzz words

I don’t know about you, but for me some days are easier than others to pursue my purpose. I’ve had experiences that have made me question it all. You know, those moments when you wonder if one person can actually make a dent of difference. For those days, when the waters are muddy and I can’t see as clearly, it helps to have a list to reference: A manifesto that serves as my marching orders.  The above declaration continues to serve me time and time again. If I’m adhering to intentions and motives that were crafted in a clear and positive state of mind, I can’t go wrong.

Photo Credit: Emma Burcuse

Photo Credit: Emma Burcuse

As a global mom, I recognize that it’s my duty to model being a world citizen to my children, but it extends beyond that, too. It’s my obligation to model these values and beliefs to everyone – all the time.  That by no means says I have all the answers – quite the opposite. What it does mean, however, is that I try to always see the best in myself and the best in you.

What do you think of the idea of being a global mom (or a global dad)? Do you have a written statement that’s important to you? I’d love to continue this conversation! Join me over on at IG: www.instagram.com/xokimberlywyman.


I sign my name with an X and O, for kindness and love I hope to sow. 

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