The Cup: A place that inspires hope for the future


By: Frin Masters

In Kolkata, everyone drinks ‘cha’, a delicious blend of tea, milk, sugar and spices that is sold
from numerous roadside stalls. Traditionally, it is served in simple clay cups that are
discarded once used. No longer serving a purpose, they lie broken and unwanted in the

In my community, many men ‘consume’ the women who are sold from numerous roadside
brothels. Like the cha cup, these women are also used, discarded and lie broken and
unwanted. Sadly, unlike the cha cup, they only remain unwanted until the next consumer
arrives, a customer who will overlook and compound the damage due to his preoccupation
with self-gratification.

Story over.

Not in the hands of the potter. The creator of the cha cup is able to take the broken pieces
and fit them back together, restoring the intended form. With the right glue, that cup may
even be stronger than it was originally. Moreover, as implicit within the name, the creator is
creative. With the creator’s decorative touch, the restored cha cup can display a beauty that
surpasses its pre-damaged existence.

We are placing the opportunity for this type of transformation within the grasp of the women
in our community by opening ‘The Cup’, a beautiful café where the women can experience
community, hope, fun and freedom. It will be:

A place for healthy relationships and growing community
A place that inspires hope for the future
A place to have fun with friends and family
A place where transformative freedom begins,

No person should remained trapped, or be defined by their trauma. With the right help and
support, these broken lives can not only be restored, but also be transformed into something
infinitely more beautiful than originally intended.

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Crystal Russell