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We empower you to fight human trafficking with a cup of coffee
— Crystal (Founder & Visionary)


Hey World Changer!

When I first heard about the millions trapped in slavery and exploitation in our world, I felt a bit overwhelmed.

I wasn’t OK just going on with life pretending I didn’t know, and I knew I couldn’t make a difference alone.

That is why I founded All of Us Matter. We turn your daily coffee ritual into an opportunity to change the world.

Our fair trade artisanal coffee cups provide living wages to vulnerable communities and raise money to fight human trafficking.

Our Model

Coffee Cups

Who would have thought something as simple as a coffee cup could change the world? We create sustainable artisan made coffee cups that add inspiration to your morning and raise funds to fight human trafficking.


We are stronger together. Join our tribe of courageous women who are turning their coffee tables into a movement. It is in this place where we can share laughter and inspire each other to become better. To live beyond oursselves with a sense of togetherness and belief that we can make a difference in the lives of others.

Common Purpose

There are millions of people trapped in human trafficking today; we exist to set them free. That is why we donate our profits to organizations directly involved in the rescue, rehabilitation, and restoration of victims.


These Coffee Cups

  • Save women from being exploited.

  • Encourage you to buy ethically.

  • Inspire you to live beyond your limitations.

  • Provide a source of joy to your morning.

Our ethical artisan-made coffee cups are crafted from premium quality stoneware clay and hand-painted with unique art that adds a touch of inspiration to your morning.

All of Us Matter exists to fight slavery. That is why our profits are donated to organizations involved in the rescue, rehabilitation, or restoration of victims of human trafficking.


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Our Guiding Scripture

Bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes. - Isaiah 61:3

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