Featured Artist

Janet Rogers, Painter & Designer

Huge thanks to Janet who created our Abolition Line. Janet is a British artist and designer who has worked on the ground in Kolkata, India since 2011 to help rescue women from the sex-trade. She is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London and the founder of a design company called Via Design. Janet is passionate about freedom and releasing creativity so that women, especially those in communities where poverty is a driver for modern slavery, can make their own choices.



Featured Artist

Abigail Onley, Painter

Much thanks to Abigail who created our India line. She is a mother of three, living overseas in England with the military and has a passion to see slavery ended in our lifetime.

My search for inspiration for the India line really focused on two things. First It was important that it represented and respected the culture, and second that it added beauty and inspiration to our daily lives. I want my art to inspire and empower us to engage in new ways with our world. Instead of just having a cup of coffee or tea in a pretty cup, I want us to hold something that has meaning—not just for us, but also for our brothers and sisters in bondage. To me, creating this line was my choice to bring light and beauty onto a dark subject.


Featured Artist

Savanna Dutcher, Photographer

Thanks also to Savanna Dutcher who has graciously given of her time and talents to help bring All of Us Matter to life. Savanna is a mom of three and a wife to an airmen serving his country while stationed in England. Savanna is a professional people photographer.

I was a young child when my innocence was so quickly stolen from me. From the movies I was exposed to, the corrupt environments I was subjected to, and the horrible people enslaved by temptation that found it okay to touch children. These scars will forever be embedded in me. They remind me that others are still suffering and far worse. I know there is HOPE after suffering and I want to bring that hope to the world.
What I endured as a child is barely scratching the surface to the sexual exploitation of our time, and this realization alone should shake the hearts of everyone who hears it. Fighting modern day slavery means being a voice for the voiceless, being always aware of those who are suffering and not becoming apathetic to this broken world, knowing the warning signs and caring enough to act on your concern. Human trafficking is happening all around us. May the Lord open our eyes and empower us to do His work.

Collaborate with Us


Are you also an artist? Are you moved by human trafficking or labor issues? We want to work with you! If you think we would be a good fit to create together, please get in touch.