Behind the Cup

Crown of Beauty Cup

We aim to provide economic opportunities for the vulnerable, lifting them out of a cycle of exploitation and onto a path toward freedom. We focus on the promise of beauty and redemption which is why we use art to tell our story. We believe that by building community locally we can impact the world globally. This is why All of Us Matter equips people with practical ways to fight human trafficking in their everyday lives. 


We create ethically sourced products that raise awareness about human trafficking and provide resources to fight this injustice. 100% of the profit from the cups that we sell go to organizations that are directly involved in the rescue, rehabilitation, and restoration of victims.

Our cups are selectively sourced and ethically made. Each one features art from an affected country or region to inspire us to have conversations with our friends and family about the injustice of modern-day slavery in our world. If we all do a little, it will equal a lot.

What You Can Do

The Benefits

How it Helps

It may be surprising, but all of us unknowingly contribute to slavery through our purchases. Find out your slavery footprint.

What we buy
Our purchases matter. By being intentional about what we buy we can begin to make decisions that contribute to others Freedom.

What we say
It may be overwhelming to realize that globalization has created an environment where so many are either uninformed or turn a "blind eye." We can change this by learning more and raising awareness.

Although we are talking about a serious topic, we believe there is beauty in redemption.

Beautifies Our Life
This is why All of Us Matter uses beautiful things that we can interact with in our everyday lives. From painted cups to empowering apparel (coming soon) to serve as a catalyst for conversations and a reminder of freedom.

Equips us to Make a Difference
Everything we do is not only meant to help set people free, but also to inspire and equip us to make a greater impact.

By 2018, all the products we sell will be sourced from communities that are vulnerable to human trafficking. 

This provides families with a living wage and lifts them out of a cycle of vulnerability and exploitation.

All of Us Matter is a social business. That means that we exist for purpose of setting people free. 100% of the profits from the products we sell are reinvested into this cause.

Collective Voice
Our voice matters. When we have conversations with others we help raise awareness on the issue of human trafficking. Together, we grow into a collective voice that is able to put pressure on business and legislation to change the unethical business practices and laws that have created an environment where slavery is rampant in our world.


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Are you an artist? Do you have a special skill? Are you connected with vulnerable communities that are affected by human trafficking or labor issues? We want to work with you! If you think we would be a good fit to work with you or your organization please get in touch