Ways to Get Involved


“We believe the rise of the Conscious Consumer will cause a fundamental shift in the way companies do business and create a historic opportunity to reward companies that embrace sustainability.” Fairtrade USA


11 Places to Start

  1. Pray!
  2. Host a “Conversations That Matter gathering.
  3. Purchase a cup.
  4. Spread the word using social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).
  5. Be a conscious consumer. Buy fair-trade. We vote with our dollars.
  6. Watch documentaries and movies. Need a few suggestions? Try Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, Rape for profit, Dark side of Chocolate, True cost, Born into Brothels. Whistle Blower, Human Trafficking, Slum-Dog Millionaire.
  7. Read books and become informed. We recommend starting with Terrify No More, Locust Effect, or Undaunted.  
  8. Research online: Discover your Slavery Footprint and check out the Department of Labor’s List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor.
  9. Volunteer with local anti-human trafficking organizations, offer your talents and professional services, use your network to inform others.
  10. Donate funds or needed items to an anti-trafficking organization in your area. Need a place to start? Look into Hope for Justice, A21 Campaign, or International Justice Mission.
  11. Write your representatives and sign petitions on issues that fight injustice. For more information, check out Polaris Project.

This list of 11 things does not end here. In fact, it does not end at all. The reality is that if you want to make a difference in the fight against human trafficking, you can. If there is still breath in your lungs and a beat in your heart, you have the opportunity to add to this list!




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